Goku Super Saiyan Action Figure | India 2022

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Goku Super Saiyan Action figure signifies ones of the most cherished story arc in the legend of Goku. Goku’s transformation to super saiyan form first takes place at the Planet Namek when Frieza, who he thought was killed by his Spirit Bomb, re- emerged and mercilessly killed Krillin. It was Krillin’s death that threw Goku over the edge and gave him the anger to finally transform into a Super Saiyan once and for all. What happened next is history.

Goku Super Saiyan Action figure reminds us that when Goku’s emotions overpower him to the point, he changes his physical shape, which in turn makes him stronger and more ferocious. This is when, he transforms into a Super Saiyan. As a specific amount of bowel strength is needed to transform, training is an essential part of becoming a Super Saiyan. One must first grow stronger than an average Saiyan in order to become a Super Saiyan. A super saint is born when a tremendous emotional trigger combined with inner stillness causes the power to become a Super Saiyan to appear. Goku finally underwent a Super Saiyan transformation after the Frieza pushed him too far.

The Action figure comes with great illustrations which capture the transformation of Goku brilliantly. The golden hair which are the essential part of the super saiyan transformation are emphasized with great panache.  The detailing of Goku’s musculature is bound to leave you spell bound. This Goku Super Saiyan Action figure underscores the strength Goku’s new transformed self represents. The anger portrayed in his eyes captures radiates the emotional turmoil Goku had to go through to turn into the super saiyan form.

The wrist position of the action figure indicate that Goku is about to launch pinto a powerful rage, one that would be sufficient to defeat even the fiercest of his enemies. The ripped clothing is sure to remind you that the physical pain Goku has experienced in order to go through this transformation is extremely intense. It is only the healing power of the Zenkai power boost that has awakened the sleeping giant in Goku.

What is also bound to capture your attention in this Goku Super Saiyan Action figure is the amount of detailing that has been achieved throughout. The finer details on the attire pairs with the blue boots to give Goku a fierce look. For all other details on the Goku Super Saiyan Action figure please see the technical details table below:

Goku Super Saiyan Action Figure Technical Details:

Model Number


Number of Puzzle Pieces


Assembly Required


Material Type(s)

‎Polyvinyl Chloride


‎Goku Super Saiyan2 Trasnformation

Package Dimensions

‎15 x 10 x 8 cm; 350 Grams

Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

‎3 years and up



Country of Origin


Item Weight

‎350 g

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