We bring to you a range of Gaming chair alternatives under 5000 Rs. Depending on your situation, one may not want to invest in a very expensive gaming chair, such as if you live in rented housing. At the time of relocation, this can become an issue for you. Not only would you be required to spend a lot of money on moving your furniture, but you also risk destroying your expensive gaming chair as well.

For such users we bring a range of gaming chair alternatives under 5000. Not only are chairs lighter and easier to maneuver, but you also do not have to invest in them heavily. This means that you can subject these chairs to rough and tough usage without much worry.

If you live in a rental apartment, you may want to consider an inexpensive gaming chair alternative. There are a variety of other reasons why you may only want to spend up to Rs. 5000/- on a gaming chair or an alternative for it. For people who want to conserve space, inflatable gaming chairs can be a good option as the chair can be deflated and the space can be re-used. Whereas for other who like to often entertain friendly get-togethers, can lead to rough use of furniture, and hence an inexpensive gaming chair can be an excellent choice for students or people putting up in shared living spaces. Also, if you change jobs frequently and end up relocating a lot, an inexpensive chair might be a good option for you.

Inflatable Gaming Chair under 5000 Rs/-

Air Gaming Chair under 5000

Product details:

• Package Included: 1 x Air Gaming Chair.

• Dimension: 99 x 125 x 112 Inch.

• Oversized arm and backrests for ultimate lounging.

• Modern, futuristic print. Mesh pocket for controller

• Fast inflation & deflation valve and manual inflation air

The game is on! The Mainframe Inflatable Armchair is designed for gamers. Enjoy playing your favorite video game from the comfort of this inflatable chair. The inflatable gaming chair is made of PVC material, which makes it soft, lightweight and easy to carry around. Inflatable chairs come in different colors and designs, so you can choose one that matches your room decor. This inflatable gaming chair has air chambers that make it possible to adjust the level of firmness. This is ideal for people who have back problems and need a comfortable seat. The inflatable gaming chair is easy to clean and maintain, so you can use it regularly without worrying about dirt or germs on the surface.

The oversized arm and backrests are the most comfortable size for lounging, and the futuristic print will surely fit right into your game room, dorm room or bedroom. Plus, there’s a mesh storage pocket for your extra controllers. Portable, comfortable and awesome – this is the ultimate gamer’s chair! Air furniture from this brand is both comfortable and modern. All pieces can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering affordable versatility for every type of person. Accommodate guests or furnish an extra room with air furniture that is conveniently stored away. Great for both temporary and permanent use, this line of air furniture offers innovative products in a variety of color options. These products can fit into a wide range of decor styles.

Comfortable Floor-sitting styled Gaming Chair

Comfortable floor sitting styled gaming chair
  • The coziest chair you will ever own will be this plush floor chair. A soft, breathable fabric covers the outside. On the inside, you’ll find a soft cotton filling and a hybrid memory foam layer.

  • No Wall Support Needed: Maintain your posture while sitting on the floor. Specially designed frame and hinges, easily adjust into 5 different positions. Sit upright, or lounge while reading a book or lay it flat and take a nap. Using it the FIRST TIME is TRICKY as the mechanism is hidden. Watch the video in the Question Answer section or read “How it Works”

  • Universal Use: This chair can be used in multiple waysEasily handles weights of up to 100 kg without any problems.

  • Create a new aesthetic style that makes your home the cosiest spot in town.

Best One setup, Multiple Uses.

Gaming Chair alternative cloud chair

Gaming chair alternative cloud chair
  • COMFORTABLE: Designed with high quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give a comfortable seat on any floor. The memory foam conforms to your body giving you a perfect seat. Provides back support when sitting on the floor.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjust the floor into several different positions allowing you to lay the chair flat to take a nap, lounge to watch your favorite movie or use at 90 degrees to play board games
  • EASY: No assemble is required and easy for transportation and storing, lay the chair completely flat. Also lay the chairs flat to stack

Best Chair under 5000 from Innowin

The chair from Innowin is the best gaming chair alternative under 5000 Rs. This is a reliable chair for any work from home setup.

Even though the chair is quiet easy on the pocket, it is packed with features from the tilt mechanism to the mordern ergonomic shape which make it very comfortable for extended working sessions. Like all chairs in this budget it comes with height adjustability features and a swivel that makes it easily maneuverable. You won’t go wrong in this choice under a budget of 5000/- Rs.

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