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A Mesh Chair with Headrest has become an absolute necessity in the current circumstances while we all continue to work from home. What used to be a rare sight within the confines of the modern home and formerly referred to as a mesh office chair has transformed into a regular feature of our humble abodes. However, this puts an immense burden figuratively and sometimes literally on our unassuming office chair to fulfill a bucket list of expectations. In their new avatar, the office chair must personify ergonomics, chic looks and go a step further in its adaptability.

So, what should be the deciding criteria for finding the best mesh chair with headrest? With several choices being available, this can be a somewhat complex question to answer. Luckily, we had a team of experts who have extensive experience in hoping jobs. Hence, they made acquaintance with plenty of Mesh office chairs in their escapades. In this article, we describe the many tests we put these mesh chairs with headrests through. For we have often experienced, not always does one size fit all.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best mesh chair with headrests available in the market, with detailed notes on why one triumphs over the other. Now, do keep in mind that while this is an attempt at creating the most exhaustive list of mesh office chairs with their pros and cons, your priority for a specific feature may vary from ours. Hence, we recommend using this review as a guide for your purchase decision.

5. Casa Copenhagen's Mesh Chair with Headrest

We start our list of best mesh chair with headrest with an inexpensive choice. Although, the Casa Copenhagen Executive Chair might look conservative. It covers all the basics necessary for being a worthy contender on our list. The chair is more than durable with good quality of construction material used. The mesh is breathable and of much better quality offered by chairs within a similar price range.
Another highlight is the chrome-plated steel used to build the base of the chair. It ensures the chair would last long and can accompany you for years to come. However, do note that the chair’s height makes it suitable for people up to 5’10 tall.
Mesh Chair with Headrest Casa Copenhagen
Casa Copenhagen's Mesh Chair with Headrest

It also allows you to adjust the headrest. Hence, it makes the chair more convenient for people of lesser height. In our assessment, if you are any taller than 5’2, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to make the most use of the headrest.

Although the chair looks plain and simple, which may be a cause of concern for some people as they may feel that it does not necessarily fit in with the decor of their home, you may want to note that the two-tone color profile of the chair does give it a little spark. While it may not be visually appealing for some buyers, the mesh chair does make up for it all in durability and comfort.

  • Adustable Headrest
  • Sturdy lumbar support
  • Economical option ensures bang for buck
  • Conservative looks
  • Recline feature has a limited range of motion
  • The arm rest adjustment features can be improved

4. Henry High Back Mesh Chair from INNOWIN

The Innowin Henry High back mesh office chair is the best balance of price and performance, especially for the taller folks. The mesh used in chair construction is also of premium quality. Considering the mesh office chair’s headrest is also made up of mesh, it becomes a sweet bonus ensuring that you stay fresh at all times. The chair feels quite spacious as it has a broad base. The armrests are also very well placed as per the proportions of the chair.

A big plus for this chair would be the wheels with a rubberized coating. They ensure that the chair is aptly quiet while also providing extra stability to the chair Even on the most friction-less surfaces, the chair holds its space fabulously and does not roll around as if it were on its accord.

Innowin Henry High Back Mesh Chair with Headrest
Henry High Back Mesh Chair

We would recommend this mesh chair with headrest to those above 5’8 in height as members in our team who were not so tall found in their review that they had to use a seat cushion for elevation to make full use of the headrest. The headrest is fully adjustable. You can pull it towards the front or back, twist it up and down, plenty of adjustments available for you to find your appropriate settings. Final verdict – If you do not want to overspend on a mesh chair with headrest, go for the Innowin Henry High Back. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Very spacious
  • Broad wheel base which gives it extra stability
  • Adjustable and mesh built headrest, ensures heat dissipation
  • Chic look, easily blends in with the modern home setting
  • ‘Heavy Duty Synchro Anylock Mechanism’ ensures you can lock chair’s back at varying tilt angles
  • Suitable mostly for people 5’8 in height or taller
  • Limited after sales support
  • Depending on personal preference some reviewers found lumbar support to be on the stiffer end

3. Ergohuman Chair (Best Ergonomics)

While reviewing chairs dime-a-dozen, in our quest to find the best mesh chair with headrest, we came to a realization that often these chairs fail when they try to execute an outlandish feature in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. And that got us thinking, what if we shift our focus to chairs which do not experiment too much but merely copy from the best. Although, not the most honourable pursuit but it does eliminate any chances of poorly executed features. If the imitation is executed as well as the original, one can get a great deal for a comparatively lesser price.

The Ergonomic office chair by Ample Seatings furniture stands out for this very reason. This mesh chair with headrest may be the replica of the famous series of chairs popular in the west by the brand ErgoHuman. However, that is what makes it stand out.

Ergohuman Chair India with best ergonomics
Ergohuman Chair for AMPLE SEATINGS

The Ergohuman Chair by Ample Seatings, correctly copies from the best and can deliver a close to similar promise in lumbar support. After reviewing numerous chairs, we found the ergonomics of this mesh chair with headrest, to have the best lumbar support. But the very reasons which give this chair its competitive edge over others also give rise to a couple of issues in our assessment. Notably, this mesh chair with headrest is an imported product. Therefore, there is a steep markup in its price, making it the most expensive chair on our list. Also, since most chairs do not come pre-assembled, if an assembly part is missing, it can be a substantial issue after spending as much money on this chair. Even if the Indian importer agrees to arrange a spare part for you, it can take days to arrive.

Some of the features of the chair that we really liked were, Multi position headrest height adjustable with angle tilt feature for optimum head to neck support. Upward and Downward 3 point adjustment in backrest to acquire the required back posture for varying individuals body. And also, attached Lumbar support to backrest having a mechanical function providing cushion to the lower back which has a medicinal use avoiding intervertebral disk disease caused due to long working hours .

  • Excellent Lumbar support
  • Material used for construction is of premium quality
  • Light weight chair with extra maneuverability
  • Modern look, gels well with the home decor
  • 2 inch thick padded seat provides comfort even when used for long duration
  • Replica of ErgoHuman Chairs
  • Imported product and hence extremely expensive
  • Since the chair is imported any issues found post purchase can be difficult to resolve

2. Ergonomic Home-Office Chair (includes Leg Support)

This Ergonomic office chair from unDesk could have easily been our most favorite mesh chair with headrest especially as it includes leg rests too, but for only one reason it finishes up as a runner-up instead. Let us elaborate on why it was able to come in so close to the top contender. The unDesk chair leaves no room for even a minor doubt. Especially, In terms of construction quality and visual appeal. We were impressed with their choice of color which is a beautiful white version.

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair
Ergonomic Home-Office Chair (includes Leg Support)

This was a good break from the regular run-of-the-mill black options that most office and work from home chairs provide. Now there can be two ways to look at it if you consider yourself a sloth and can never imagine yourself running a duster over the chair then the White colour can be a problem. However, for most people, the visual aesthetics are well worth running a damp cloth over the chair once a week to keep it clean and tidy.

The chair has excellent mid and lower back support amongst the best in the chairs we reviewed. It comes with the most amount of adjustment capabilities. At first glance, we felt the need for a user manual, which was missing. We could have benefited from it to figure out which lever to use to adjust a particular feature. But of course, all it took was one good spin to figure all of them levers out.

This mesh chair with a headrest advertises capacity to support weights up to 120 kilograms. And this is where we found room for minor improvements. One of our review team members who weigh more than 100 kgs expressed minor concerns about the seating mesh loosening up when used in the long run. Their apprehension may have arisen due to a slight give observed when the chair was used more than 6-7 hours a day potentially due to his slightly heavier body weight compared to an average user.

However, we must highlight that the mesh did not come loose in the limited time we reviewed the chair. The final verdict whether the mesh would come loose or not, can only be determined after using the chair for an extended period, easily in the 2-3 year range. Hence we plan to come back and update the review as we see nt. But as the saying goes, nothing in life is perfect. We hope the next iteration of the chair comes with better seat upholstery, probably a little more cushion. If the mesh around it is woven a little tauter, it would make this chair our number one recommendation. However, for now – it comes in a close second.

  • Excellent Mid and lower back support
  • Seat depth adjustment allows extra customization
  • Tilt tension adjustment ability is a great add-on
  • Looks amazing, the white color stands out in comparison to all the other black chairs
  • Mesh headrest does a good hob of keeping you cool
  • The seat can benefit from a little more padding (read the above review for full context)
  • White color can be an issue from maintenance perspective in the long run (we are nit-picking at this point)

1. High Back Mesh Chair with Headrest from MISURAA

OKAY, let us answer the obvious question first. What made the Misuraa High Back the best mesh chair with a headrest, in our opinion? Well, there are multiple reasons. Not only did the chair perform well above our anticipation in almost all our performance metrics. But it also surpassed our expectations by quite a mile on a couple of features. Here’s the low-down!

We loved the placement and size of its headrest. Even if the chair had not performed as well on the other parameters as it did, it would have still managed to steal our heart, thanks to its exceptional execution of the headrest. A headrest is quite often a hit-or-miss feature. Not all mesh chairs with headrests can satisfy varying customer profiles of different body shapes and weights.
High Back Mesh Chair with Headrest from MISURAA

However, the Misuraa High Back chair comes close to perfection in its execution of the headrest. The fact that there is no gap between the body of the chair and the headrest is the unique reason behind what makes it so aptly perfect.

In summation, the reason why the Misuraa High back is our choice for the best mesh chair with headrest is not just because of the availability of wide range of features (which most chairs in this price range do) but for the execution of those features.

If you are somebody who spends long hours by your work desk and needs a worthy companion in the form of an ergonomic high back chair you shouldn’t think over twice for choosing the Misuraa High back. The fabulous execution of the headrest ensures that it be a worthy mate for you during those long bouts of procrastination we slumber into every now and then, in an attempt to beat the rub of the 9-to-5.

  • The best in class headrest, most appropriately located
  • Best ergonomics, ensure maximum support for lower back and lumbar
  • Most spacious armrests (sufficiently wide)
  • Tilt tension adjustment works at par if not better as compared with its peers
  • Amazing looks, stands out from the routine boring office chairs
  • If only you don’t like white colored chairs and dusting is an absolute no-no!

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