We have found the best deal for you this Festive Season, the Hero Kids Unisex Blast Bicycle which usually retails for anywhere around 5000 Rs. is being offered at a never before discount during the Great Indian Festival sale.

The Hero Kids Unisex Blast bicycle is one of the most popular bicycle for kids in its segment, a reputation they have built over the years by offering some of the most comfortable durable bicycle combined with great customer service. What’s even better is that their chairs look really cool, a fact that is a sure hit with kids.

Great Deal Hero Kids Unisex Bicycle

So if you planning to buy a bicycle for your kids or thinking of gifting it to your loved ones this festive season, this might just be the best time. The never before discount on the Hero Kids Unisex Blast Bicycle is for a limited time only and what is even better is that Amazon is offering cashback deals on certain cards which can help you earn cashback and save further.

Great Deal Hero Kids Unisex Bicycle2
Great Deal Hero Kids Unisex Bicycle1
Great Deal Hero Kids Unisex Bicycle3

What makes the Green Soul Glance Gaming Chair so popular?

The Green soul Glance gaming chair comes with an attractive design that seems to be a cross between the bucket seat of a racing car and a royal throne. The headrest is stationary which means that there will never be any issues of it sagging or uncomfortably lose its position during use under extended periods.

Even though the bicycle is being offered at a heavily discounted price most of its features resemble that of it much highly priced siblings in the upper segment such as sturdy steel build, easy-grip handlebar, non-slip pedals, caliper brakes, digitally printed chain cover and aesthetically pleasing mudguards.

The build quality of the bicycle is the real highlight here, the product is strong and sturdy. Hero have ensured that they cover the basics correctly and not get swayed away by useless bells and whistles. This cycle has  literally has no extra flashy things (which would unnecessarily inflate the cost). You can follow the easily provided instructions to assemble the cycle which would be a great experience for you and your kid, to give them the satisfaction of putting together their own bicycle.

Hero have ensured that they keep safety an important feature since the bicycle is aimed to be used by Kids, therefore they have ensured that the bicycle has great stabilization and brakes to ensure that your child can ride without care.

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