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While considering a gaming chair under 10000 rupees, there are lots of things to consider. We ventured out intending to do exactly that, find a budget gaming chair. We looked at a bunch of gaming chairs, some under INR 10000 and others well under. Through our thorough research, we managed to pull out 3 deserving candidates and also one recommendation for the Best Gaming Chair under 1oooo Rs. /-.

Gaming Chairs are gaining popularity these days and for all the right reasons. A gaming chair is a piece of furniture that is designed to provide comfort and support for people who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer. It has a backrest, armrests, and a headrest. The backrest is usually adjustable to provide the user with lumbar support. The armrests are also adjustable to allow the user to rest their arms on them while using the keyboard or mouse. The headrest can be used as an alternative for leaning back on the chair’s back rest. The features and specifications of gaming chairs depend on their price range. A higher priced model will have more features than one in a lower price range. A common feature of gaming chairs is height adjustment. These chairs typically have pedestals that can be adjusted in height to provide a more comfortable sitting experience. These chairs are built for heavy-duty use and thus come with a good amount of upholstery and cushioning. What is also expected of these chairs is to provide a good amount of lumbar support and reliable neck support through the use of an ergonomic headrest.

However, while looking for a budget gaming chair under 10000, it becomes important to find out that the chair manufacturer has not cut any corners on the best features of a gaming chair. Some manufacturers tend to cut corners on the cushioning by using less amount of padding while others offer reduced height to save on their cost. These are exactly the kind of practices we kept an eye out for and decided to review several chairs before presenting to you the top 3 gaming chairs under 10000 rupees. Take a look at our list below.

4. Gaming Chair from Sunon

The Gaming chair from Sunon is one of the most economical yet reliable option that we reviewed. While the gaming chair price tag is well under 10000 INR. that did not mean that the manufacturer has skimped on any of the major features and functionality that a gaming chair is best known for.

What we really liked was the soft PU leather used for the construction of the chair. The chair material is extremely important as it has to strike a balance between softness and sturdiness, an extreme to either end ruins the chair experience. That is what is great about the chair the cushion has just the right amount of sturdiness, soft but not too soft.

Sunon Gaming chair under 10000 rupees
Gaming Chair from Sunon

The chair also provides great mobility with the help of its 360-degree swivel feature which is supported by a strong heavy-duty nylon base. The chair exhibits great balance. At no point of time did we feel the chair to be lacking in this regard, even during long stretched gaming sessions accompanied by sudden outbursts whenever the gaming session got too intense. Still there are a few points that may make this chair not suitable for everyone. To begin with, the chair is not suitable for people above 5, 10′ in height as they may feel that the back support is slightly short. But me and my fellow review team members are 5, 6′ and 5, 8′ and we did not find this to be an issue. Another pointer to look out for is that the armrests are stationery and do not provide the ability to adjust.

But for the most part, the chair passed all our stability and comfort tests with flying colors. The thickly cushioned gaming chair with the soft PU leather and the swivel features all combined to make for a great experience especially for the price tag that the chair is offered for. For one of the most economical chairs, it sure does make a compelling choice for a gaming chair under 10000 INR.

  • Soft PU leather is very comfortable
  • Back support strikes the right balance between soft and sturdy
  • Economical option ensures bang for buck
  • Not practical for people above 5,10′
  • Armrests are stationery

3. Gaming Chair from Oakcraft

Oakcraft is a high reputable name among chair manufacturers and we were pleasantly surprised to find a worthy contender from them within this segment of gaming chairs under 10000 Rs. Having reviewed a bunch of their other chairs we were sure that their main features such as the tilt mechanism and build quality would definitely impress us as usual. And that is how things turned out to be.

The extra cushioning on this chair’s headrest proved to be a really nice feature. Whenever we were testing it for long duration and felt like taking a break, the strategically placed headrest along with ample cushioning proved to be a great asset.

Gaming Chair under 10000 rs from Oakcraft
Gaming Chair from Oakcraft

The Oakcraft gaming chair under 10000 RS/- seems to be a great deal because even at this price the manufacturer is offering a full warranty for a year, so if there are any manufacturing defects or issues observed during that time once can easily get them addressed. This is a great add-on, as most of the times if there are any issues in a gaming chair, they are mainly due to manufacturing defects and are quite easily spotted within the first few weeks of ownership. And with a reliable manufacturer such as Innowin, one can buy this chair with peace of mind. 

But whenever you do compromise on budget there is always some shortcomings to consider. Thus, with this chair a couple of things to consider would be the stationery arm-rests and the limited range of colors that the chair is offered in.

This chair is extremely reliable and durable. The headrest is also accentuated with a curve on both sides which provides great shoulder support. If you do not mind the fixed armrests it will definitely prove to be a great gaming chair under 10000 INR.

  • Reliable after sales support
  • Shoulder support is really well executed
  • Extremely reliable tilt-mechanism which gives it great stability
  • Limited color options
  • Stationery armrests

2. Night Hawk (NHC-401) Gaming Chair

The Racing edition NHC-401 from Nigh Hawk chairs, is one of the most appealing choice for a gaming chair under 10000/- not only because of its far superior looks but all the other finer details too. So as you may have already checked out by now, the gaming chair from Night Hawk has far more attractive looks than all the other options available. But do not all the other benefits too.

For example, no other chair in this price segment comes with a lumbar pillow, but Night Hawk not only offers a lumbar pillow but also a neck pillow, both of which combine together to enhance the comfort and ease of this chair to a far much superior level as compared to the other chairs. The black and red color combination makes the chair uniquely distinct and give it a great visual appeal, this chair is sure to catch a lot of attention next to your gaming PC. It is the only chair in this price range that offers a traditional racing car seat which we all love to see in a gaming chair.

Gaming Chair under 10000 Rs from Pulse
Night Hawk (NHC-401) Gaming Chair

The Night Hawk Racing edition offers the most amount of adjustments in this price range. The back support offers the largest recline angle, leaning back to a almost straight 180-Degrees. The chair is one of the only options to offer a car style bucket seat in this price range which comes with thigh support side bolsters and the ergonomic shape of the chair allows for enhanced waist and shoulder support.

The lumbar pillow and the neck pillow are removable for those who may not want to use them and this provides another added layer of modular character to the chair. The tension on the back support can also be adjusted with help of the knob at the bottom of the seat and it works spectacularly.

  • Excellent Lumbar support
  • Comes with neck and lumbar pillow
  • Extra maneuverability, 180-degrees recline.
  • Modern looks, great color combination
  • Stationery Armrests

1. Solimo Hoover High Back Gaming Chair

Look no further than the Solimo Hoover High Back Gaming Chair, Amazon’s own brand of gaming chair. In our reviews, the Solimo Hoover proved to be the best value for money gaming chair, combining premium looks with great comfort and ergonomics at an unbeatable price.

One of the first things we noticed about the Solimo Hoover was its distinct shape and design, which sets it apart from other gaming chairs in its price range. The chair’s broader shoulders and uniquely positioned headrest give it the look of a grand throne, with ample space to rest your head from side to side. The headrest pillow that comes with the chair is very comfortable and can be moved up and down to adjust the height, making it a great companion for long gaming sessions or workdays.

In addition to its great looks, the Solimo Hoover is also incredibly comfortable to sit in. The PU leather maintains a great look while ensuring amazing comfort, and the chair’s thick layer of upholstery provides the support you need to sit for long periods without getting sore.

Solimo Gaming Chair under 10000
Solimo Hoover High Back Gaming Chair

The Solimo Hoover is definitely the best gaming chair under 10000 as it combines premium looks with great comfort and ergonomics. The amount of maneuverability offered by the chair in this price segment is absolutely unparralled. It is in fact the only chair in this segment that offers adjustabe handrests.

But comfort isn’t the only thing the Solimo Hoover has going for it. This gaming chair is also built to last, with a sturdy steel frame that ensures it won’t break down after just a few uses. And unlike other chairs in its price range, the Solimo Hoover comes with rubber coated wheels that ensure smooth and silent movement, so you won’t disturb others while you’re gaming.

Overall, the Solimo Hoover High Back Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair under 10,000 rupees. It’s comfortable, stylish, and built to last, with all the features you need to take your gaming or work setup to the next level. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for a comfortable place to sit while you work, the Solimo Hoover is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a high-quality gaming chair without breaking the bank.

  • Adjustable Handrests
  • Excellent Lumbar support
  • Comes with neck and lumbar pillow
  • Extra maneuverability, 180-degrees recline.
  • Modern looks, great color combination
  • NA

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